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St Thérèse of Lisieux Catholic Primary School

St Thérèse of Lisieux Catholic Primary School

Mini Vinnies 

The Mini Vinnie group are a dedicated group of children who are passionate in leading our school in their mission: ‘Turning Concern into Action.’

‘Mini Vinnies’ is a St Vincent de Paul Group in a Primary School who get together, organise and talk about helping others in need within our school community and beyond.

Our leaders meet weekly and discuss ways in which the can promote their faith and be of service to others in our school community and beyond. Their work has included, creating hampers for the poor, food and clothing collections, visiting the sick and elderly, leading prayer and worship in school and raising awareness and funds for overseas charities. 

Recent News

This term the Mini Vinnies group has done a brilliant job leading on CAFOD's 'Big Fish' campaign.

They looked at the many good causes to support in school during the season of Lent and pitched our ideas to the teachers and it was decided that they help CAFOD's 2017 Lenten campaign 'Big Fish'.

Millions of families around the world are living in extreme poverty.  Many are struggling to earn a living so do not have enough money to meet their basic needs such as food, housing and clothing.  This Lent our school wanted to do our bit to help to change this.

We learn for St Therese that little actions will make a really big difference, especially to people living in poverty.  We led a whole school assembly to share the work that CAFOD partners around the world do to train people to set up small businesses and earn a living.  With training and support, people living in poverty can create a thriving business selling fish, so they can buy the things their family need and send their children to school.

They gave each class a large piece of paper with the outline of a 'big fish' on it.  Pupils have been bringing in their loose change to fill each one and so far we have raised £256.  As well as this, each Tuesday lunchtime, we have organised a 'Fishy Fun Day' fund-raising activity for upper and lower school which has also raised £136.90 bringing our total to £392.90.  We would like to thank you for your support and generosity.

We also asked Mrs Stott if we could help raise funds for Comic Relief on 'Red Nose Day'.  We sold noses, organised a 'cupcake bake-off' and the whole school paid to wear their own clothes - most came in red.  All proceeds went to help people in our community and overseas and in total we raised £677.52.

As well as helping to raise awareness and funds, we also enjoy leading prayer and worship in school.  To complete our Lenten journey we are led Stations of The Cross for upper school to pray for people who need our love and support as they too carry heavy burdens through life.